Setting New Standards Across The Universe

Six Sigma Methodology used in warehouse processing. 

Experience Matters

At IMC each crew member is thoroughly trained in hospital pharmacy inventory, with crew leaders averaging 25 years in the field.  Knowledge of how pharmaceuticals are packaged and priced determines how accurate your final report truly is.


Technology Counts


IMC is able to collect your credit faster than any of our competitors.  The sucessful integration of our CMS system, and decades of strong interpersonal relations with the leading wholesalers in the industry, are what make this possible.  Only at IMC!

Who We Are?

June 15, 1976 Douglas Spratt opened up Midwest Inventory.  Midwest concentrated on inventory of drug stores and hospital pharmacies.  Soon after, Doug brought in Marie Spratt to build the companies growing back office (Read More)

With over 40 years of inventory experience, IMC has forged its name as a leader in  the inventory field.  For the last 10 years we have also grown in the inventory and return industry at an unprecedented pace.

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