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New Customers take advantage today on special return & inventory rates offered until 8 October 2020

With over 40 years of inventory experience, IMC has forged its name as a leader in the inventory field. For the last 10 years we have also grown in the inventory and return industry at an unprecedented pace.

About Our Company

Operating with the highest ethical standards, IMC takes very seriously the needs of our customers. IMC is committed to helping our customers achieve a cost effective inventory and return process.

Our company has a strong reputation for being honest, transparent, and inclusive. We don't believe in overstating our abilities or making exaggerated claims. Our purpose is to serve you to the best of our ability, and being upfront from the beginning is key.


Experience Matters

At IMC each crew member is thoroughly trained in hospital pharmacy inventory, with crew leaders averaging 25 years in the field Read More...

Technology Counts

IMC is able to collect your credit faster than any of our competitors. The sucessful integration of our CMS system, and decades of Read More...

Who We Are?

June 15, 1976 Douglas Spratt opened up Midwest Inventory. Midwest concentrated on inventory of drug stores and hospital Read More...

Inventory Services

Beside's dominating the industry of pharmacy inventory, we also have specialized inventory teams that will assist you with your specialized needs. From Warehouse Inventory, to Retail stores, Home Improvement centers, Grocery stores, and Auto Parts stores, you name it, IMC has been counting it for years.
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The Team

An average Inventory crew in our firm has more than 50 years of combined experience. Our knowledge how pharmaceuticals are packaged and priced determines how accurate your final report truly is. For us, it's about being meticulous from the start, using the latest technology, having a data base to support an accurate count and the experience by the crew.
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Reverse Distributor

  • Free processing for narcotics as part of our return service.
  • IMC is licensed with the DEA & State Regulators.
  • Our customers don't pay for any disposal fees as well!
  • Integration of our CMS software captures credits faster than "any" of our competitors. Return processing uses a Six Sigma management methodology.
  • Positive longstanding relationships with Wholesalers

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