Why IMC?  We thought we would let our customers express how they feel about us.  An average IMC customer, has been with us for approximately 18 years.  Why, we listen to our clients, we are honest with our clients, and we deliver top of the line service to all our customers. 

I've tried 3 different inventory companies.  One company showed up with staff that never seen a hospital pharmacy ever.  They were from a temp agency.  One inventory company hadnt a clue how to price my factor drugs, bringing my inventory down a substantial amount.  The last company, must have sent me 4 final reports, because they kept screwing up my contract prices.  IMC Pharma was referred to me by a friend of mine on the East coast.  IMC is professional, crazy experienced and understood my contracts better than most of my staff.  Thanks Doug and I look forward to seeing you guys in June.           July 14, 2016 . 

Dennis Horrups

Pharmacy Buyer, Hope Hospital

My last inventory was 2.5 million, it had jumped to 3.5 million after our annual inventory.  I was freaking out, until our internal auditor noticed the unit dose was priced incorrectly.  I contacted the inventory service and they wanted to charge me to come out again for travel time.  I was referred to Mike at IMC through one of our sister hospitals in our group.  He rushed a crew over and within 2 days, recounted everything correctly, priced my unit dose the right way, and had my results immediately.  Oh, and it was right and back to where it was supposed to be.  Lesson learned!   January 22, 2017

Brian Wilcox

PharmD, Mt. Sinai

I swear these other return services say they can do things thats just not possible.  What i enjoy about IMC is there are no games.  I send my outdates to them,  and i see my credits.  They contact my wholesaler and actually verify my credits.  Thanks for being honest and your rates are great...Oh, and once I needed a special report made up for accounting and it was no big deal to them, done immediatley.  Old school service.....   Oct 23, 2015

Jay Hinks

Directory of Pharmacy